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TunaCam is a collaborative project between Antonio Tari and Evelyn Csiszar. The Android app compiles playlists from user generated pictures, and analyzes them to create a playlist that matches the user’s surroundings.

TunaCam is a personal pet project which allows users to capture a moment in time through music, ultimately allowing them to discover music in a new way that has never been done before.

ClientPersonal ProjectCollaboratorsAntonio TariServicesBranding, UX/UI Design, Website DesignYear2015

TunaCam logo.

Youthful branding

We wanted to ensure the name and the overall branding mirrored the youthful and fun qualities we envisioned for the app. Determined to find a name that would be short, catchy and related to both music and photography, we came up with the name TunaCam. “Tuna” is short for “tuner” which is a common vernacular used among musicians, and “cam” is short for “camera”. The name captures both the musical and photographic aspects of the app, and is easy to remember since it sounds similar to “tuna can”.

Easy-to-use mobile application

With the branding approach established, the app’s interface was designed using the primary brand colours. We integrated the latest Android features and gestures to allow users to navigate between different menu items with just a swipe. The music artists’ imagery was also incorporated into the design, so users can discover new artists.

Infographic for how to use TunaCam.
Website homepage for the TunaCam app.

Simple website

A promotional website which explains how the app works and directs users to the Google Play store was also created. The tagline “Capture the perfect moment, with the perfect playlist” was developed to express the intended purpose of the app. A surreal mountain biking image was used as the featured graphic on the site to convey the idea of discovering a new, almost dreamlike, world of music.

Promotional cards

Small promotional cards were created for distributing to potential users in order to peak their interests. The cards feature various images on the back and examples of the types of tags that generate a matching playlist. The cards quickly communicate the core idea behind the app and provide a glimpse into how the algorithm works.

TunaCam promo cards.
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