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J&K Scientific is an international scientific & industrial resource platform, specializing in supplying academic and research facilities with a wide range of chemicals, lab supplies and packaging options. Their mission is to find new ways to contribute significantly to humanity by facilitating scientific research and discovery.

The J&K Scientific was in desperate need of a website redesign. The company was swiftly growing and their website could not handle the demands of their growing customer base. Finding products within their complicated information architecture was a challenge, purchasing products was a long, tedious process and the site was often slow or non-responsive. This is where we stepped in.

ClientJ&K ScientificServicesWebsite design, information architecture, UI designYear2015-2016

Evaluating pain points

A deep analysis of the company and their competitors was performed, which identified the pain points in the overall user experience. Key company selling points were also uncovered in the analysis, which would later be used for marketing messaging in support of their mission and vision. The site was redesigned with a revamped information architecture, an improved e-commerce process and sophisticated search capabilities.

J&K Scientific homepage design displayed on a laptop screen.

A simplified browsing experience

The website content was simplified and reduced down for clarity and usability. Hierarchy was established using typography, and a calming, clinical blue was introduced to complement the main brand colours. A sophisticated search functionality was developed, including easy to use filters, various viewing options and clear categorizations. A new e-commerce process was established, with the ability to save favourite products, save items for later and conduct quick orders.

3 different webpages of the J&K Scientific website displayed on mobile devices.

The convenience of mobile

A complementary web app was also developed to provide access for users on the go. The content and functionality was carefully evaluated and reduced to accommodate smaller screen sizes and probable user case scenarios. Overall, the site was much improved, both functionally and aesthetically.

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