What UX can do for your business

User experience can make or break a product. It can mean the difference between building a loyal customer base or having users abandon your product within the first few minutes of trying it. But UX doesn’t stop at your product’s interface. Here are some ways a solid UX strategy can impact your business.

Inform Business Decisions

  • Validate market demand
  • Inform strategic business decisions
  • Reduce risk when launching new products
  • Prioritize next steps in evolution of a product
  • Pivot in new directions faster
  • Save time and money

Increase Revenue & Conversion

  • Attract more customers
  • Convert more customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Increase sign-up rates
  • Optimize customer onboarding
  • Close more sales

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  • Simplify complex processes
  • Remove redundancies
  • Decrease the chances of human error
  • Optimize internal operations and workflows
  • Decrease customer support calls
  • Launch new products and features faster

Common pitfalls

We understand that there’s a constant struggle to prioritize and balance limited time, resources and money–more often than not, UX falls low on the priority list. It’s often considered the last step in the product development process, when in reality, UX should inform not only your product’s interface, but your entire business strategy. Here are some common objections we hear from growing start-ups that we hope you can avoid.

User experience (UX) design is often confused with user interface (UI) design. While the end result of a project will likely result in refreshed UI designs, it rarely starts there. A true user-centered product design process will encompass research, strategy, testing and visual design.

By only focusing on the visuals, you’ll miss many opportunities for creating a better product. Simply prettying things up will not make your product more user-friendly, nor will it drive results. We can show you how to take advantage of UX practices to create a product that will delight your users.

If you’re developing a product, you need to be talking to your users first-hand. If you’re not, you risk making decisions on assumptions that could cost you the business.

Whether you’re building a brand new product or implementing a new feature, you should always ensure that there is a demand for what you’re building and validate your proposed solutions before investing the time and money to build anything new. The trick is to do this without bias, which is often difficult to do when the product is close to the founders’ hearts. We can help provide an objective perspective and a voice for your users.

While developers are excellent at solving complex engineering challenges, designers have a very different, yet equally valuable, skill set. The role of designers is to figure out how the product should function and look in the service of meeting the user’s needs and achieving the business goals.

Developers work best when they know exactly what needs to be built. Making changes after the code has been written is time consuming, expensive and opens up a lot of room for error. The truth is, developers usually don’t want to be responsible for design decisions; they just want to build products that work. We can provide well-thought-out, polished designs so your developers can continue doing what they do best.

You need to know where you’re going and how you plan to get there. Without a clear strategy, you’ll likely spend a lot of time going in circles and veering off course.

By investing the time and money into developing a solid strategy upfront, you will save yourself the time and money that you would otherwise spend fixing mistakes or redoing work in the long run. We can help you develop a clear UX strategy that will set your priorities, inform your business decisions and define your success metrics.

Two people brainstorming together and collaborating at the studio.

What you can expect

Flexible pricing options – We’ve designed our pricing models specifically for product-focused companies, offering flexibility in the ways we can work together.

Scalable teams – Whether you need one designer or a small team, we scale our team to your project scope and budget.

With you all the way – Need branding or marketing materials to complete your project? We’re happy to lend a hand or connect you to someone who can help fill these needs.


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