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bdBuilder (Business Development Builder) is a business development software that connects and manages sales teams, prospects and daily business in one place, specializing in meeting the needs of companies in the sales industry. Their mission is to help facilitate, expedite and maximize sales efforts and team management.

As bdBuilder gained more traction and customers, the company needed to grow and evolve to meet its increasing demands. With no clear identity and an outdated website, they approached us for help.

ClientbdBuilderServicesBranding, WebsiteYear2015

bdBuilder logo on a hanging white piece of paper.

Redefining the conventional

New branding was created with a distinguished wordmark, featuring a bold colour palette which primarily consists of traditional blue colours with an accent mustard yellow. The square graphic is composed of three parts representing the three aspects of sales teams that bdBuilder brings together under one platform: the team, the prospects and the business management. Together they represent a packaged deal – everything the user needs in one place.

Homepage for bdBuilder's website displayed on a laptop device.

Promoting the brand

The new website design incorporated and expanded on the newly developed branding, weaving the core aspects into the marketing approach. The content was revamped and simplified to help outline the benefits of using the software along with a clear pricing structure. Whereas the identity was previously elusive and undefined, bdBuilder now had a clear identity and vision.

3 bdBuilder screens displayed on mobile devices.

Keeping responsive in mind

With a new responsive website, information about bdBuilder could be easily accessed from any device. Navigation and content was optimized for smaller screen sizes.

Going social

The new branding had to function not only as a stand-alone entity, but as an element in a cross-platform world encompassing print, digital and social media platforms. The use of the “box” symbol allowed for versatility when dealing with small profile images common on social media platforms, and branded imagery and graphics allowed for expanding the brand to profile backgrounds and other promotional items.

bdBuilder Facebook and Twitter social media images displayed in a browser and a mobile device.
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