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The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) is the governing body for dentists in Ontario. Their mission is to protect the public’s right to quality dental services by providing leadership for the dental profession through regulation.

Playing an authoritative role in the dental profession, the RCDSO had an intimidating effect on dental professionals. However, we worked closely with RCDSO to help make their brand approachable and transparent, in order to gain the trust and respect of the dental professionals they govern as well as the public that they serve.

ClientRCDSO AgencyPublic Good Social Marketing CommunicationsServicesWebsite design, art directionYear2013Linkwww.rcdso.org

RCDSO website homepage displayed on a laptop screen.

A fresh new look

The RCDSO website was redesigned with a fresh new contemporary design. Bright, new secondary colours were introduced and incorporated alongside the RCDSO’s existing brand. Welcoming images, illustrations and icons were used to add warmth and approachability throughout the site.

RCDSO Website mockups on mobile screens.

Maximum accessibility on mobile

The new website was created with responsiveness in mind, allowing users to access information on any device. In conjunction with their transparent strategy, all functionality and content remained available across all devices and platforms for maximum accessibility. Overall, the new website is a reflection of their mission and vision of transparency and approachability. Not only is this reflected visually but through the entire user experience and brand.

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