Portrait of Jeff Gula in a grey suit.

Jeff Gula

Jeff has been a User Experience (UX) designer and strategist for the last seven years, creating physical and digital experiences that align a client’s needs to their users. He has worked with a number of companies and problems, spanning from start-ups, medium to large companies, to the Ontario Government. Jeff is a strategic thinker that designs sustainable solutions, creating delightful and seamless experiences for any given client and their users. Most recently, he’s been working on projects for Elections Ontario, helping to better inform the public and increase awareness and accessibility to voting information.

Portrait of Evelyn Csiszar in a light grey blazer.

Evelyn Csiszar

Evelyn is the founder and director of UX design & strategy at Collective Experience. Her lifelong fascination with studying how people think and act has led to a deep passion for user experience design. She believes that you can only create successful products and services if you build it around the needs and wants of the people who will use them. This guiding principle applies to everything she does, regardless of the medium. With over a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations, she has had the pleasure of working with organizations she really believes in. Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the York University/Sheridan College Design Program and UX Design training from Brainstation, Evelyn has working on projects for organizations like the University of Toronto, BMO, HydroOne, CCRM, Futurpreneur, HEQCO, CNIB and the Ontario Science Centre.

Portrait of Justin Zhou.

Justin Zhou

Justin is an explorer of knowledge. After graduating from the York/Sheridan Joint Design program, he realized that class isn’t the only place of discovery and that being a life-long learner is the only way to stay ahead of the game. Often pursuing new ideas and new perspectives by venturing out of his comfort zone, Justin owns years of experience being a Motion Graphic Designer in diverse industries including: finance, automotive, government, IT, payroll solutions, and communications. Combining this tapestry of experience with his considerable design acumen, he’s successfully worked with notable clients such as: BMO, TD, Magna, McCain, Cisco, Ceridian, McDonald’s, and among many others often enhancing his craft along the way.

Portrait of Caitlin Chu in a beige sweater.

Caitlin Chu

Caitlin is a Toronto-based web developer & designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from York University/Sheridan College Design Program. After graduating, she followed her curiosity for the world beyond her hometown to teach and freelance overseas. She returned to Toronto to pursue her passion for digital design by completing Brainstation’s UX Design and HackerYou’s Web Development Immersive programs. She now specializes in web design and front-end development for a variety of projects and clients, primarily within the B2B sector.

A portrait of Victoria Smith in a black tank top.

Victoria Smith

Victoria graduated from York University and Sheridan College’s Design Program in 2011, with an Bachelor’s degree in Design. She loves that graphic design requires a unique combination of skills—a happy medium between the techniques, accuracy, and problem-solving of the sciences, and the expressive freedom of the arts. She spent four years working for a prominent Atlantic Canadian creative technology agency, working with both local and international clients such as Google and Jaava Moose Coffee Roasters. She spent another three years as the owner/principal of Polygon Graphics, specializing in branding and illustration, where she’s worked with companies and non-profit organizations such as The University of New Brunswick and The New Brunswick Multicultural Council. Her quick thinking and creative intuition enable her to excel within any brand development and exploration project.

Portrait of Marlene De Carvalho in a black shirt.

Marlene De Carvalho

Marlene is a junior designer from Toronto at Collective Experience. She completed an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design from Humber College in 2017. Her passions include branding, editorial design, and typography. She derives creativity from of her sense of adventure, her willingness to try new things, and her interest in making new connections.