Magnifying glass over a user. Purple icon.

Understand your users

We thoroughly research your product’s audience to ensure you’re creating and delivering a desirable, enjoyable product.

Prototyping tools like a pen, vector and ruler drawn onto a piece of paper. Green icon.

Test early, test often

We create low-fidelity prototypes without code to test interactive ideas early and often, before you sink ample time and money into development.

A person standing and cheering at the peak with a flag in hand. Blue icon.

Stay ahead of your competition

We can help you stay one step ahead by ensuring your product is growing and evolving with users’ ever-changing needs.

A hand holding a verified arrow badge. Light teal icon.

Elevate your brand

How your users experience your product is a direct reflection of your brand. We can help take your brand to the next level with a stellar user experience strategy.

We help you move fast and with purpose

3 binder layered on top of each other with an arrow leading from the third binder to the point in-between the other two binders. Purple icon.

Set your priorities

We’ll help you assess options and prioritize opportunities for maximum impact and growth.

Pen and ruler crossed over each other. Purple icon.

Test to minimize risk

With rapid prototyping, we help your product evolve and adapt fast and with confidence.

A plant with 3 leaves standing firmly on top of ground. Purple icon.

Start on solid ground

We can help ensure that your ideas have depth and endurance to withstand the test of time.


  • Persona creation
  • User journeys
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Heuristic assessment
  • Data analysis
  • Market analysis


  • Information architecture
  • UI/UX strategy
  • UX optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Strategic roadmaps

Digital design

  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Online portals
  • Intranets
  • Process management systems
  • Mobile & web applications
  • Systems design

Other services

  • Responsive design
  • Programming & development
  • API integration
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Data analytics
  • Security & encryption
  • Branding & identity

Common project needs

Most projects tend to fall into one of the three needs below. The level of effort involved in the project phases is determined by the type of need.


Create something entirely new.

This approach focuses on brainstorming, design thinking and strategy to validate ideas and create a minimum viable product before investing too much time, resources and funding.

Chart showing degrees of focus for different phases of the Invent package.

Best suited for:
  • Trialing new initiatives
  • Digitizing analog processes
  • Something that’s never been done before


Scale what already exists and works.

This approach focuses on systems design thinking and capitalizing on existing solutions to scale and expand functionality, maximizing impact and boosting engagement.

Chart showing degrees of focus for different phases of the Grow package.

Best suited for:
  • Adding new features
  • Expanding to other platforms (e.g. mobile)
  • Long-term planning & future-proofing


Fix and optimize.

This approach focuses on identifying problems through rapid prototyping, usability testing and user feedback to uncover flaws in existing user flows and processes.

Chart showing degrees of focus for different phases of the Transform package.

Best suited for:
  • Revamping an existing platform
  • Changes in technology standards
  • Changes in user needs

Diagrams (above) illustrates three types of project needs. View accessible version.

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