Meet the team

Evelyn Csiszar
Founder, Director of UX Design and Strategy

Evelyn is the founder and lead UX/UI designer at Collective Experience. Her lifelong fascination with studying how people think and act has led to a deep passion for user experience design. She believes that you can only create successful products and services if you build it around the needs and wants of the people who will use them. This guiding principle applies to everything she does, regardless of the medium. Along with completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the York University/Sheridan College Design Program in 2010, she has also studied and practiced user experience design extensively throughout her career and completed several UX programs at BrainStation Academy. Evelyn has had the pleasure of working on projects for organizations like University of Toronto, BMO, HydroOne, CCRM, Futurpreneur, HEQCO, CNIB, and the Ontario Science Centre.

Diane Robertson
UX & visual designer

Victoria Smith
Identity, illustration & print designer

Caitlin Chu
Web developer & designer

Marlene De Carvalho
Junior designer

Justin Zhou
Motion graphics designer

A user-first philosophy

We get it. Embarking on big projects like websites and mobile applications can be overwhelming and complicated. There are a lot of things to consider: staying within budget, meeting tight deadlines and balancing resources. So it’s no wonder that oftentimes the needs of the end users tend to fall low on the priority list.

We’re here to help. We work with our clients to make sure their digital products and services are designed with their end users in mind. This doesn’t mean that your business goals won’t be a priority. The fact is, all organizations and businesses exist to serve people, and knowing how to speak to and engage the people you serve will build loyalty and trust, resulting in improved user engagement and retention, enhanced awareness and increased revenue. Providing value within a seamless experience is the key to not only happy users but also to achieving your business goals.

Our story

Collective Experience originally began as Evi Designs in 2009, a freelancing graphic design business created by our founder Evelyn Csiszar. What started out as a one-man operation, ultimately turned into a network of fellow designers working collaboratively on a variety of projects to provide clients with a broader range of services. As the business grew, we knew it was time for a change.

We believe that technology has the potential to drastically enhance and improve our quality of life. We, as a society, collectively experience hundreds of brands, products and services on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t these experiences be seamless, efficient and even enjoyable? With a passion for designing digital solutions and a mission to bring tech innovation to organizations and businesses who are striving to make a difference, Collective Experience was born. Today, we work within a tight-knit core team and collaborate with a large network of suppliers and contractors to provide full-service capabilities to our clients.